Reflection Week 9 *missing in the list

Again, no class for this week, so we decided to discuss our new storyboard. We did not meet each other, but we use Whatsapp to discuss the things. We discuss the place for the shooting and decide when to do the shooting


Reflection Week 5 *missing in the list

As for this week, we learnt about videos. Dr. Rosseni shows us the creative videos and ask us to analyze them. The videos ar using different techniques with different genre. Well yeah, I am a visual learner, so it is my food. The class is interesting because I get to watch the videos while analyzing how the videos capture  our attention. I think that we have to be really creative in becoming a video editor, because the video will be awesome if all of the techniques are put together in creating a video

Reflection Week 4 *missing in the list

We have no class for today but we have assigned to do an assignment. It is about photography.

A) Genres in photography

  1. Nature: it is about the amazing God creation, the beautiful nature.
  2. Candid: it is the shot taken by the photographer whereby the person or things in the picture is unaware of the shot, so this means that their expression will be natural.
  3. Food: it is the picture of food, whereby it can make the people feel the tastiness of the food and we can even smell it.
  4. Portrait: it is the picture that shows the expression of people.

B) Techniques used in photography

Actually there are a lot of techniques, but for an amateur photographer like me, I found lighting is the most important thing because the brightness of a photo will be affected by the lighting.

C) How the shot should be taken?

For my opinion, a shot should be taken depending on its objective. If we wanna take a photo of micro things, so we need to focus on the thing, and not the surrounding. Well it is actually based on what the photographer wants the photo to look like when it is captured.

Reflection Week 14

Now, it’s the final week. Means that, the final exam is just around the corner and it’s the end of the semester. Without knowing, time flies too fast. We have no class on Friday as it will be replaced by the EduTechnovation Day, where all group will be presentig their masterpiece and also do their pitching for the poster and video. As for my group, the poster has been crated by Azrulshafik and also the final video project seems awesome that all of our friends love it. As for the EduTechnovation Day, I was assigned as Protocol Commitee which means I have to know the flow of the program and preparing the Emcee’s script and also the Opening Speech script for the lecturer and also our class representative. We did prepare a lot of things and somehow it is messy and complicated, but we managed to settle it. The day has come, the EduTechnovation day. All of us are nervous as we will be prsrnting our video in front of Dr. Rosseni, Dr.Maslawati (TESL Coordinator), Facilitators and friends. As for my group, Pheonysia did the pitching and we finally had officially present our video today. Alhamdulillah, we won the first place. Special thanks to Azrulshafik, a very talented video editor. Without him, we would not created such an awesome video. Well of course, thanks to my teammates for the cooperation. Thanks to Dr. Rosseni and all facilitators, for everything throughout this semester. May Allah bless all of you. Thanks again and again Dr. Rosseni.

Reflection Week 13

This week, almost all group are doing their final touch up for their video, same goes for my group. Azrulshafik has uploaded our video, which is the result of having a very short shooting last week. After Dr. Rosseni commented on our video, we decided to do another shooting so that our video would be even better. The location varies this time, which include Taman Botani, Sungai Congkak, Bukit Ampang and Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur. Azrulshafik managed to capture so many shot and he decided to recreate our video. Well yeah, the theme is still nature, but this time it is more awesome. We had so much fun together as we get closer to each other. I hope that you’ll love the latest video.

Reflection Week 12

Since there is no class for today, my group, Realists have decided to have a shooting again. As our theme is ‘Nature’, I suggested that we go to Taman Botani for shooting. We managed to start our journey there after Asar prayer, and it is quite late. So, we need to make it faster so that we can finish up the video. Azrulshafik, the editor was the one who tell us what to do. We just need to act out what he had planned so that our shooting ends quickly before 7 p.m. as Taman Botani will be closed at that time. It is actually awkward to act out, but I have to do my best. The shooting ends when we heard azan. So, it means that it is almost 7.30 p.m, and we need to go back. That’s the end of our shooting.

Reflection Week 11

Today, we have no class as Dr. Rosseni wants us to do the preparation for the video. So, we can plan, shoot and edit our video. As for Realists, we have decided to do our shooting next week as we are busy with our own works. Yeah, we are lucky to have Azrulshafik in our group as he is the one who seggest what to do. He is an expert in this field, so we trust him 200%.

Reflection Week 10

This week, we are required to show the drafts or trailer of our video production. We are given about 5-10 minutes to present. Then, we’re being commented by Dr. Rosseni, fellow friends and also the facilitators. It did help us as we can still work on the video and create a very interesting masterpiece for the final project. Luckily, my group’s editor is a very talented person in making video, and I am so surprised of his masterpiece. We did received positive comments. I am looking forward for the final video as we’re gonna have a shooting again for the video.

Reflection Week 8

It’s Friday. So, today we’re going to present our storyboard. We were given about 30 minutes to finished our storyboard. Today, we had our breakfast sponsored by our motherly lecturer, Dr. Rosseni. Thans for the marvellous nasi lemak. then, we present the storyboard and listen to some comments for improvement. We’re going to do some editing of what we have done.


Reflection Week 7

As for this week, we are a having a lecture on Photoshop. The ‘new’ handsome lecturer is one and only Faiz Yusof. He had such a great talent in Photography and he did share how to use Photoshop in editing pictures. We also learn the basic thing of a camera, how to take pictures of different things. I learn a lot from today’s class.